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The #uGOgirl quad roller skates feature a supportive upper on these adorable boots, as you slip your foot inside and pull up the laces you feel the soft padding envelope your foot. 

The wheels are made of top quality urethane designed for optimal use on both indoor and outdoor skating surfaces.

A protective toe strip safeguards your youth skates even from the occasional light drag on the concrete, with rubber toe stops to finish it up.

This cute high top boot comes in either Pink, Purple, Sky Blue or Coral in sizes J12 - 7.  LISTED IN MENS SIZES, LADIES GO DOWN ONE SIZE! 

  • Urithane Wheels
  • ABEC 5 Bearings
  • PU Toe Stops



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01CoralIn Stock889573053459
01PinkIn Stock889573048134
01PurpleIn Stock889573050656
01Sky BlueIn Stock889573052414
02CoralIn Stock889573053466
02PinkIn Stock889573048141
02PurpleIn Stock889573050663
02Sky BlueIn Stock889573052421
03CoralIn Stock889573053473
03PinkIn Stock889573048158
03PurpleIn Stock889573050670
03Sky BlueIn Stock889573052438
04CoralIn Stock889573053480
04PinkIn Stock889573048165
04PurpleIn Stock889573050687
04Sky BlueIn Stock889573052445
05CoralIn Stock889573053497
05PinkIn Stock889573048172
05PurpleIn Stock889573050694
05Sky BlueIn Stock889573052452
06CoralIn Stock889573053503
06PinkIn Stock889573048189
06PurpleIn Stock889573050700
06Sky BlueIn Stock889573052469
07CoralIn Stock889573053510
07PinkIn Stock889573048196
07PurpleIn Stock889573050717
07Sky BlueIn Stock889573052476
Junior 12CoralIn Stock889573053442
Junior 12PinkIn Stock889573048127
Junior 12PurpleIn Stock889573050724
Junior 12Sky BlueIn Stock889573052391
Junior 13CoralIn Stock889573053435
Junior 13PinkIn Stock889573048202
Junior 13PurpleIn Stock889573050731
Junior 13Sky BlueIn Stock889573052407
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